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Since its inception in 2011, KUUR has developed a regional expertise in designing, establishing and operating physiotherapy and wellness centers.   The various center provide KUUR with the advantage of having diverse specialist facilities that are offering the highest quality standard care associated with the KUUR brand, while catering to the specific needs of the local communities.  The first center was established in 2011 in Dubai.. The company is operated in accordance with international standards and staffed on a full time basis with a select group of highly skilled rehabilitation professionals.

Our premises are modern, have lots of natural light and are very calming. The equipment was sourced from leading rehabilitation suppliers in Europe, allowing computerized programming and evaluation to ensure the right type and level of treatment is provided.

KUUR facilities are specifically designed to provide our patients with a warm and serene healing environment and ensure maximum benefit from their treatment.

At KUUR we believe in working with our clients and their families to achieve total rehabilitation considering the “Mind, Body and Soul”.



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